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Revolutionary, Easy and Non-Invasive Treatment of Stress Urinary Incontinence, Bladder and Uterine Prolapse

by SRC Health on December 16, 2022

Do you squeeze your legs before you sneeze or laugh? Does the word incontinence conjure up images of old people in a nursing home wearing diapers? Does the lack of bladder control impact your quality of life?

The chances are that your “leaky bladder” and / or that “bulging feeling” in your vagina is due to weak pelvic floor muscles. And this is great news! Yes, you heard it correctly, it’s great news because there is a very good chance this can be corrected and you can resume life, laughing and jumping without the pain, stress, discomfort, and embarrassment of leaking. 

Don’t wait, get correctly diagnosed

First of all, it’s really important to get the right diagnosis and the best place to start is with a pelvic floor physical therapist or your family doctor. If for any reason you cannot get to see a health care professional, we have compiled a great list of the best resources that have information as well as someone you can speak with! You can find them right here: https://srchealth.com/pages/prolapse-resources and https://srchealth.com/pages/continence-resources 

The fact is there are many different solutions out there, and your weak pelvic floor muscles can be trained to do their job well again! And what an important job they have; what could be more important than exercising the muscle that controls your bladder (pee), bowel (poo) and affects your quality of life?

Pelvic Floor Muscle Training is the No. 1 recommended intervention when it comes to stress urinary incontinence, prolapsed uterus and prolapsed bladder treatments.

Importance of Pelvic Floor Exercise

There are numerous ways that you can train your pelvic floor for both stress urinary incontinence as well as for a prolapsed uterus and/or bladder. It’s all about working out what works best for you and there are Pro’s and Con’s to every solution. Here are some tips:

Prolapse tips

7 Tips to Stop Leaking

We are biased when it comes  to SRC Restore Shorts, our innovative treatment  for Stress Urinary Incontinence, Prolapsed Uterus and Prolapsed Bladder and we have scientific evidence to support this treatment option. The SRC Restore Shorts provide an external Pelvic Floor Muscle Support, with NO downside: Results from our studies showed that;

We are confident you’ll love Restore as much as we do, if not, then return to us and , get your money back! Nothing to risk, everything to gain.

CTA banner

SRC Restore Prolapse & Continence Treatment Shorts are proven to assist those women who are suffering from Light Stress Urinary Incontinence and Mild to Moderate Prolapsed Uterus and Prolapsed Bladder.

Stages of Urinary incontinence

Stage I: Light, urine loss quantity maximally until 10 g (10 mls)/24 hour

Stage II: Moderate, urine loss quantity of 11 to 50 g (11-50 mls)/24 hour

Stage III: Heavy, urine loss quantity over 50 g (50+ mls)/24 hour

The 4 categories of uterine prolapse are:

Stage 1: Uterus is in the upper half of the vagina

Stage 2: Uterus has descended nearly to the opening of the vagina

Stage 3: Uterus protrudes out of the vagina

Stage 4: Uterus is completely out of the vagina

Grades of bladder prolapse (cystocele) are:

Stage 1: Bladder protrudes a little way into the vagina

Stage 2: Bladder protrudes so far into the vagina that it is close to the vaginal opening

Stage 3: Bladder protrudes out of the vagina

How do the SRC Shorts work?

You can add SRC Restore Uterine Prolapse and Continence treatment shorts into your daily routine and wear them in conjunction with any other treatment protocol you are following with your health care practitioner. All you have to do is WEAR them. For best results wear day and night for as many hours as you can.

They work to alleviate symptoms of prolapsed bladder and uterus as well as stress urinary incontinence by:

  • Utilising a patented Anatomical Support Panel, specifically the gusset panel in the garment to provide continuous even compression to the entire perineal area.
  • Continuous compression to the perineum has been said to activate pelvic floor muscles through a possible proprioceptive feedback loop.
  • Activating pelvic floor muscles positively influences their strength and their ability to support bladder and uterine function. In plain English now, wear the garment and combine it with a women’s health physio program to improve symptoms faster.

Check them out here:

CTA banner

SRC Restore Shorts may help with more severe stages or symptoms of prolapsed uterus and prolapsed bladder, see the feedback from a customer like Magenta S.:

“These shorts are great! I can finally comfortably go walking. After a five week cough my condition got worse and I was finding it hard each day especially after 3pm. Since receiving them in the post (and it only took one day) I have been wearing a pair every day for a couple of weeks. They dry quickly after washing (similar to swimwear). I measured for a size XS, and I normally wear size 8 pants. The description regarding prolapse levels made me think that my condition was too advanced to try the product, however I gave them a try and it has been well worth the money, as I now have comfort and confidence when walking and lifting.”

Here are some more amazing testimonials from happy customers who have benefitted from SRC Restore Shorts and reduced their symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, prolapsed bladder and prolapsed uterus:

“Timing couldn't have been better for me, premenopausal and overweight spending lots of money on pads to help with lbl. The product is so amazing and comfortable, supportive and well designed. Well priced, these will make a difference to a lot of women.” - Sharon T., NSW

“Life changing. I bought these to help relieve some of the symptoms of my stage 2 bladder prolapse post childbirth. The compression feels light and barely there but boy does it work! The heaviness is less, and my bladder frequency issues have basically gone.” - Katie P.

“I’m so pleased to have purchased these shorts. They have made my life so much more comfortable, and I am about to purchase my 4th pair. I’m so great full to the physio who told me about them. I shall be passing on the website to the gynecologist next time I see him.” - Jen H

“These were recommended to me by a pelvic floor physiotherapist.  I definitely feel supported wearing these more than I expected. The sizing was perfect using the size chart/measurements provided. Great purchase!” - S.J

“They are a game changer reducing my incontinence significantly. I now don’t need to bring a change of clothing and can be confident going out which I do more and even entered a walking mini marathon” - Mandy J

“I wish I had purchased these years ago! They are very comfortable, and they really help with the heavy bulging feeling. I feel so much more comfortable and supported. I have had a ring pessary for years and I like to have a rest from it occasionally but as time has gone by that hasn’t been an option anymore. I purchased these briefs, and I can take the pessary out and I really can’t tell the difference. I feel so well supported and confident. They are well worth it!” - Leanne C

“Using the Restore shorts has been a complete transformation for me. I don’t have to bring spare clothing and maximum size pads going out. I can now sign up for a Pilates class. My incontinence has reduced by 70%. It’s a game changer and has significantly improved the quality of my life.” - Mandy J.

“What a wonderful product. I’m not going to the toilet as often. My prolapse is improving after one week and I now have more confidence I’m feeling almost back to normal.” - Jenny H

“I LOVE it. The difference it has made to my life is enormous. I have been using these garments since early last year and they have changed my life completely allowing me to be far more active. and comfortable. Thank you SRC.” - Bryony H. 

“I have been wearing the restore shorts for a couple of months now. I have mild stress incontinence and I have felt a positive effect having them on during my busy daily schedule. With them on, there is more awareness in my pelvic floor, so I find that I am able to contract my pelvic floor easier, especially when I am about to cough/sneeze.” - Sylvia

“I have a stage 3 prolapse so thought this garment would not be of any use.  I work in retail doing 6-to-9-hour shifts with lots of bending down and lifting putting downward pressure on my pelvic floor.   I use a pessary, but it often became dislodged causing discomfort, so I stopped using it at work and just kept it for home and my days off.  When I stopped using the pessary at work, I started having bleeding issues then had to wear sanitary pads again (I'm 59).   So, in desperation I bought the Restore support garment to use at work and it has made all the difference to my day!   No more bleeding - at all.  And I don't feel the presence of the prolapse at every step I take.  I know it’s still there but it’s in the background now.  Am so glad I found this.  Highly recommend it.” - Kathie T.

So, if you are still getting used to Kegels, or sometimes running out of time or energy, or find Kegels hard, then please don’t stop them, please keep exercising your most important muscle group. Make sure Kegels are part of the daily routine, just like brushing your teeth. 

Vaginal internal probes with or without Apps for your phone can provide training on improving your Kegels, but still require you to do all the work, and most moms don’t have the time.

Vaginally inserted electrical stimulation devices help by contracting the muscles for you, but it’s not for all of us, especially when you learn that the UTI or vaginal infection rates for these devices can be around 15%. 

Surgery should definitely be last resort. So don’t put off the diagnosis and treatment any longer. Get started today. 

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