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The research and development of the fabric for the SRC Compression range took an extended period, as the designers wanted to create a fabric that provided support and comfort without any feeling of restriction. This resulted in a unique fabric that stretches and returns to its original shape after consistent wash and wear.

True Cross Compression

SRC is committed to maintaining the highest quality standards for all products. Each batch of fabric is rigorously tested by an independent Australian Government scientific testing facility to ensure the level of compression meets our strict standards.

We decided to test our fabric against one of the leading compression brands in the market place. We wanted to assess whether the compression properties of our fabric were sustained after multiple washes and how this compared to the other brand.

We subjected the fabric to 100 wash cycles followed by a fabric extension test. After 50 washes, the results showed that the other fabric had not only shrunk significantly, but was less resistant in the stretch. The SRC fabric had minimum shrinkage and retained its stretch resistance under higher force. The shrinkage of both fabrics stabilized after 100 wash cycles, but only the SRC fabric retained the same high level of compression at the conclusion of the testing.SRC is dedicated to implementing findings from the latest scientific and medical research into its garments to support you in your journey.

100% Washes

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