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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of Pregnancy Belly Bands

The Good

Pregnancy support belts can assist with relieving pain in the lower back, the sacroiliac joint and hip joint. They can help with decreasing the discomfort and provide support to the pelvic area during various activities by stabilizing the pelvis and relieving pressure from the lower back.

Belly bands may also help improve your posture.

The Bad

Pregnancy support belts do not move with your body which means they need constant readjustment when you sit down or get up. Pregnancy support belts can feel restrictive as they are not the most comfortable or flattering things to wear, especially if you are wearing them under anything that is fitted as they will show through.

Many belly bands / pregnancy support belts and maternity belts have hooks, loops or Velcro to adjust them and keep in the right position and at the right tension, however this also means there is a chance of these catching and ripping your clothes.

The Ugly

A  pregnancy support belt / belly band during pregnancy may impair blood circulation and negatively impact pelvic floor and bowel function.

Use it or lose it - you can become overly dependent on the belly band which can deactivate your muscles rather activate them. This means you shouldn’t be wearing the belly band all day long every day. 2 to 3 hours is best.

Yet symphysis pubis dysfunction, pelvic girdle pain, lower back pain and vulvar varicosities don’t have time limits.

The Alternative

Physical therapists and their pregnant clients have fallen in love with these revolutionary garments. Designed by women for women in consultation with an obstetrician these pregnancy leggings and shorts are approved by the Australian Physiotherapy Association.

The SRC pregnancy leggings and shorts address the majority of the most common pregnancy conditions through the use of their patented Anatomical Support Panels without any of the drawbacks of belly bands / pregnancy support belts.

Our studies show ~82% of women who wore SRC Pregnancy Shorts or Leggings experienced [1] a reduction in their discomfort.

Here are just some of the 5-star reviews:

“…felt near instant relief from SIJ Pain and aching lower back”

“…definitely helps with back strain and the pain from symphisis pubis “…been amazing, no backache despite my big bump and small body frame, no pelvic discomfort and a great feeling of support all around my mid section. I really feel it when I have to be without them to be washed.”

“As someone with pregnancy related varicosities from pelvis down to feet, it has been difficult to find a product which targets both areas at once. Really happy with these pants for everyday wear. I didn't buy them for this but I've happily found out they they also really help with my pelvic pain!"

No Risk Purchase!

We are so confident that you will love the SRC Pregnancy garments that we back them with a No Questions 100% 14-day Money Back Guarantee.

Many private health insurers in will provide a rebate as garments are considered a medical compression garment, designed to aid the health of expectant mothers.

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Anna Scammel from The Whole Mother is a Masters-trained Women's Health & Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist help you optimise your physical health during pregnancy and recovery.

Michelle Kenway a Physiotherapist, internationally renowned author and exercise instructor for women, whose educational videos have been viewed over 45 million times on YouTube.