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Breakthrough Incontinence Underwear that Can Assist You with Mild Urinary Leakage and Prolapse*

by SRC Health on June 22, 2020

Approximate Reading Time: 3 minutes

How did this innovation come about?

Watch our founder Sinead O’Donovan discuss how the product idea was born.

This new innovative product called SRC Restore is very much in line with our vision and mission as a company, summed up in our slogan “Support for Life”, however it may be seen as  a departure from our focus on the pregnancy and postpartum periods of a woman’s life, but in fact it is very much a product that will be used as a follow on garment secondary to birthing trauma and other factors associated with pregnancy and recovery.

For those that have not heard about SRC Health, we have developed the largest range of maternity compression garments in the world that are evidence based and are endorsed by the Australian Physiotherapy Association. The garments were  designed by women for women, in consultation with an obstetrician and they provide continuous support and relief of pain during pregnancy, faster recovery after delivery and  post-surgery, and are recommended by Health Care Professionals worldwide, worn by Olympic athletes and celebrity mums alike.

SRC Restore compression underwear is effectively a revolutionary new way of assisting women with Mild Stress Urinary Leakage and Mild Bladder and Uterine Prolapse.

The SRC Restore garment  has a number of similarities to  our other garments; it has sweat wicking properties, quick drying fabric, patented Anatomical Support Gusset Panel, and it’s 100 Wash Tested to ensure it’s a long wearing garment.

How the product came about was through anecdotal evidence from both physiotherapists and customers over a period of years. The feedback from customers who wore our postpartum Recovery garments, or our SurgiHeal post-surgery garment reported that it unexpectedly assisted with relieving symptoms of mild stress urinary leakage and prolapse.

How was the product developed?

After receiving this unexpected positive feedback from customers, we decided to develop a specific garment that would address these 2 conditions of stress urinary leakage and uterine prolapse.

We advertised on Facebook to find a group of women who would participate in a study looking at these issues. 

With 50% of women aged 45-59 years of age experiencing some degree of mild, moderate or severe urinary leakage and the condition affecting up to 37% of all Australian women, with similar rates across the world,  needless to say that we had to take down the ad after less than 24 hours as the response was overwhelming.

We then established a baseline for the subjects’ Incontinence level and Quality of Life (QOL) and the participants filled in a survey for 3 weeks running before they began wearing our garments and continued to fill out their questionnaire for 4 weeks during wear of the garment.

What were the results of the product trial?

Research and results form our studies discussed by Sinead.

There were 4 sets of product alterations and tweaks to maximize the comfort of the garment around the waist.

The results were:

-              70% of respondents showed a statistically significant improvement in their Urinary Incontinence Questionnaire score and

-              their Quality of Life improved significantly by 37%

So how does SRC Restore work?

In one of our other studies, conducted in a lab at the University of Malaga, for our Recovery garment, we found that light but constant compression to the abdominal area produced muscle activity in the deep abdominal muscles during rest,

SRC Restore incontinence underwear provides the same kind of continuous compression to the perineum, by way of the Anatomical Support Panels, specifically the gusset panel.  Continuous compression has been shown to decrease swelling and pain. It is our understanding that continuous compression, may have a positive influence on pelvic floor muscle activity.

Compression to the perineum is said to produce a proprioceptive feedback loop to the muscles of the pelvic floor. More research needs to be done in this area and we are looking at doing this in the near future.

This is the reason why getting measured correctly is critical to the effectiveness of the garment as well of course how it is worn.

We are just delighted to be able to provide relief for some of the women who are experiencing stress urinary incontinence and receive amazing feedback.

“This garment has changed my life… my incontinence was actually running my life and activity choices, but not anymore as I wear the garment daily for that support and when I sleep in my garment, I no longer have to get up during the night for a visit to the bathroom.


*Mild Incontinence and Prolapse (Bladder and Uterine only)

100% Money Back Guarantee in writing and on video 😊

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