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Fashionable Cardigan to Cover Growing Baby Bump

by SRC Health on Sep 08, 2022

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Maternity cardigans are one of the basic must-haves in a pregnant woman’s wardrobe – or even in a new mother’s closet for many reasons. Cardigans can be worn to ward off the chill during the cool autumn and winter days, accentuate the beauty of the outfit for the day, and cover the growing baby bump, if you so desire.

But for a basic maternity cardigan to become a fashionable cardigan, you should go beyond the basics of just wearing it over a simple tank top or a maternity dress. Here are a few tips that will transform not just your maternity cardigans but your outfits for the day, too.

#1 Add a belt

This may not exactly hide your growing baby bump because adding a belt will accentuate it. But if you are proud to be pregnant, then cinching a belt around your growing middle will also create a more hourglass silhouette.

Tip: Choose a skinny belt for a more stylish silhouette. Wear the SRC Essentials fashionable cardigan over a tank top and pencil skirt for a corporate look or over the maternity nursing dress for a more casual look. Get as many maternity cardigans in various styles and colours so that you can mix and match.

#2 Think in layers

In winter, you should consider wearing several layers of warm clothing. For example, wear a fashionable cardigan underneath a cropped leather jacket for a biker edgy look while also being warm against the cold air.

#3 Experiment with scarves

Thin and thick, short and long, plain-coloured or printed – scarves come in all shapes, sizes and colours that running out of styles is nearly impossible, not to mention that these clothing items come in several price points from cheap to pricey.

Mix and match maternity cardigans with scarves like you would with other articles of clothing, such as maternity jeans and tops. Pair a chunky scarf for added warmth during winter or wear a silky scarf draped around your neck for a chic look.

#4 Go for drape

A fashionable cardigan with an open front, such as the maternity cardigans offered by SRC Health, is always a stylish choice. Pair it with the maternity tank top and straight-legged maternity pants with either sandals or boots and you are good to go.

And don’t forget to add embellishments to maternity cardigans, if that’s your style. Think of brooches, bows and even pom-poms but just remember that the fussier your cardigan gets, the simpler your outfit should be.

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