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Treating Pelvic Girdle Pain with Compression Shorts for Support

by SRC Health on March 12, 2020

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While buying online pregnancy clothes, expectant mothers may likely not think about compression support especially for their abdominal area. But this should not be so since compression support will likely be necessary during the post-delivery period particularly if you suffer from pelvic girdle pain.

Fortunately, post-delivery pelvic girdle pain can be treated in several ways as recommended by your physician. Expectant mothers should discuss their best options as each individual will respond differently to the same treatment, just as each one has different tastes in online pregnancy clothes. Most women will benefit from the regular and proper use of SRC Health compression shorts in lessening pelvic girdle pain.

Your physician will recommend the following ways of stabilising your pelvic girdle allowing it to return to its normal motion (i.e., no pain).

#1 Locking out the hips

An experienced physiotherapist can provide information and guidance for standing up and walking while locking the hips. Keep in mind that locking the hips also require compression so when buying online pregnancy clothes, be sure to add SRC Health compression shorts to your cart.

#2 Undergoing acupuncture

Acupuncture can reduce the pain and inflammation in the pelvic area by regulating neural pain pathways and pain-relieving opioid receptors as well as releasing the body’s natural pain relievers. When combined with the use of SRC Health maternity shorts to stabilise the pelvis, regular acupuncture sessions can effectively lessen the pain.

#3 Performing light exercises

Your physician can also recommend light exercises designed to increase your mobility. Be sure to wear your SRC Health compression shorts, which you added to your online pregnancy clothes cart, to facilitate pain and healing after delivery.

Ask your doctor about the best time to start gentle exercises. These exercises can include Kegels, back strengthening exercises, and pelvic tilts.

#4 Wearing of pelvic support belts

Pelvic support belts can be worn, too. But be warned as these are more uncomfortable than SRC Health Recovery shorts since the belt must be tightened when getting up and loosened when sitting down. This is just too inconvenient for women.

As a last resort, some women may have to undergo routine manipulation of the hips, back and legs in overcoming post-delivery pelvic girdle pain. In this case, these women will require the added support from SRC Health Recovery shorts.

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