Twin Pregnancy Week by Week

by SRC Health on March 12, 2020

Approximate Reading Time: 5 minutes

Pregnancy is a blessing, especially if you have been trying for a while. If you have made a wish and two came true, then prepare yourself for a journey unlike any other. You must be equipped with all the necessary information from the time of conception to the day you bring your twins into the world.

This infographic presents you with everything you need to know regarding your twin pregnancy. It includes the changes your body will go through, the difference between carrying a singleton vs. twin pregnancy or multiples, tips on how to manage your symptoms that may be worse than what you expected, and a week-by-week development of your twin blessings.

You can refer to this infographic for guidance concerning the risks of carrying twins to better handle your expectations and give you some sense of relief that you are not alone in this journey. Of course, every pregnancy and every woman is different, but most women pregnant with twins go through the same ordeal. This is to assure you that whatever you are going through is normal. As long as you are closely monitored by your midwife or doctor, your twins are doing fine even if you are not.

Use this infographic as a reminder of what to do, what to eat, appropriate pregnancy leggings and maternity and feeding wear and how your partner can be more involved in the process. Print it and pin it to your fridge, your desk, or any place where you can easily refer to it when you need quick assurance and guidance.

Infografic Twin Pregnancy Diagram

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