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SRC Recovery Leggings

Product Description

Pregnancy pushes your body nearly as much as extreme endurance sports. Speeding up recovery after delivery, the peak of this marathon event, is a crucial part in enjoying a healthier motherhood journey for you, your baby and your family.

SRC Recovery garments aid in the treatment of

  • C-section wounds,
  • Perineal trauma
  • Episiotomy wounds.

They also treat multiple postpartum conditions such as

  • Abdominal muscle separation (Diastasis Rectus Abdominus Muscle DRAM)
  • Lower back pain.

Designed in consultation with an obstetrician for the ultimate in comfort and functionality, SRC Recovery Leggings provide the support you need to heal and move more freely post-delivery. See below for more information


SRC Recovery garments provide you with increased stability and allow you to move more freely post-delivery, making lifting, feeding, bathing and caring for your baby much easier.

With no adjustable buttons, velcro or zips, the Recovery garments are like a second skin. There’s no need to constantly adjust while you’re wearing them. Recommended by health care professionals for improving mobility and pelvic muscle function postpartum, these garments have become a must-have inclusion in hospital bags of women the world over.

Patented Anatomical Support Panels (ASP) in the SRC Recovery garments deliver targeted compression, ideal for treating multiple conditions like c-section wounds, perineal trauma and episiotomy wounds, abdominal muscle separation and lower back pain.

They provide support to the pelvic area through gentle yet constant compression, activating muscles and encouraging core stability, reducing swelling and muscle fatigue.

The ASP deliver True Cross Compression (TCC) as each layer within the panel is cut on a different plain so that during activity no compression is lost at any time.

The research and development of our fabric was extensive as we wanted to ensure that it provided support and comfort with no feeling of restriction. Our uniquely milled fabric goes through rigorous independent testing to ensure that it is of the highest quality and can stretch and return to its original shape consistently after wash and wear to provide you with optimal performance and a longer lasting garment.

To make sure we deliver this we decided to test our fabric against one of the leading compression brands in the marketplace to assess whether the compression properties were sustained after multiple washes and how this compared to the other brand.

We subjected the fabric to 100 wash cycles followed by an extension test. Our fabric not only retained its original size and shape (against the competitor which shrunk significantly) but also retained the same high level of compression at the conclusion of testing.

The Recovery garment’s flatlock seams increase comfort during exercise, prevent chafing and wound aggravation.

For wear and care instructions, click here

To see more research on SRC Garments, click here


This is a question we get asked a lot by women wondering which length will be the best fit for their needs. Each length has different features and benefits and, ultimately, it comes down to personal preference for each customer in what they will get the most wear from:

  • Full length leggings provide the best venous return and are a fashion staple that can be worn like any other pair of black leggings. However, Recovery leggings are also going to be the hardest to put on and may not be preferable for women who live in warmer climates.
  • Regular (knee-length) Shorts can be worn like bike shorts as both an undergarment and outerwear. They provide a slightly better venous return than our Mini length.
  • Lots of women prefer the >Pregnancy Shorts Mini because they fit perfectly under shorter dresses and are great for hotter climates. They are also the easiest to put on.



Place your order with confirmed payment before 1.00 pm on any business day and your product will be shipped express that day. You can expect delivery within 2 business days. The product may be shipped with “Authority to Leave”.


For your convenience we use express shipping to deliver to all countries for one low flat fee.
Delivery times to countries such as USA, Canada, Europe and New Zealand are 3-5 business days. Other locations may take up to 10 days.
A signature will be required at point of delivery for customers outside Australia.

Note: All freight is charged at $A13.


Not completely satisfied with SRC product that you purchased online? Simply return your product in new, unused and resalable condition within:

  • 30 days SRC Recovery garments
  • 14 days SRC Pregnancy, Sports and Essential Maternity garments

And we will issue a refund as soon as we have received the original items back using the original payment method. Note that a re-stocking fee may be charged.
If your purchase was made at one of our stockists, the stockist will assist with your return and the transaction is subject to the policies of the stockist.


Q. Can I sleep in my recovery garment?

Yes, absolutely!

Q. How many hours a day can i wear my recovery garment?

You should wear your SRC Recovery garments for as many hours as they feel comfortable. They can be worn both day and night.

Q. I'm right in between 2 sizes, which do I choose?

With recovery compression garments, when you are between sizes, we recommend that you select the size down to achieve the optimal fit due to likely rapid loss of fluid post birth.

Q. When should I start to wear my src recovery shorts & leggings?

Begin wearing your SRC Recovery Shorts & Leggings as soon as you feel comfortable. For best results our research indicates to start wearing them within the first two days post delivery. It really depends on how you feel and advice of your health care practitioner. Most women put them on around the 36-48 hour mark post delivery, in the case of c-section maybe a little longer, as any straining is definitely contraindicated.

You will most likely need some assistance putting them on the first few times. Most midwives and hospital physios know our product and if they are not around your partner should be able to assist you.

If at any stage you feel pain, please take them off. The breathable lining and fabric will not impede healing in any way. In case of C-section - if your wound is infected, you can wear product during day and remove during the night to allow additional airflow to the wound until fully healed.

Q. How many hours a day should I wear my src recovery shorts & leggings?

You should wear your SRC Recovery & Leggings Shorts for as many hours as they feel comfortable. Your shorts can be worn both day and night.

Q. How many weeks should I wear my src recovery shorts & leggings for?

Your SRC Recovery Shorts & Leggings have been designed for use in the first 8-10 weeks after delivery but can and should be worn for as long as they provide benefit. Many women continue to wear the garment long after the initial healing stage, for both exercise and for aesthetic reasons under fitted clothing.

Q. I have some abdominal separation, is it too late for me to get benefit from the recovery shorts if it’s been a few years after I had my baby?

We have many women ask us this same question.

We recommend an individualised Clinical Pilates program designed specifically to your needs by your Women’s Health Physiotherapist and combining that with wearing SRC Recovery Garme day and night for a period of up to 4 months or greater. This has provided significant benefit to many women with this issue.


Correct measurement with these garments is crucial to the functionality of the leggings. As they are a medical garment/measured sizes they do not correlate to general/fashion clothing sizes. General fashion sizes also vary drastically by country and by brand (we find that an Australian XS can equate to a S or even M in American sizes) so we strongly recommend you have someone else take your measurements and use this guide to size yourself up.

We also have a video for you to reference in terms of measuring yourself correctly here:

Recommended by Women's Health Professionals

Tested & Loved by 100,000 Mothers Worldwide

100% Money Back Guarantee

Hassle Free Exchanges & Refunds

100 Wash Tested Longer Lasting

Healthcare Rebates May Be Available

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