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Function and Style: How to Style SRC Health’s Award-Winning Maternity Leggings and Shorts with Timeless Style.

by SRC Health on April 09, 2024

From a functional, therapeutic perspective, SRC is the gold standard in treating the most common pregnancy aches and pains and assisting with a safer postpartum recovery. But did you know that SRC products are also rated 5-stars by fashionable mothers for being a secret weapon to staying en vogue when it comes to style too?

Developed by mum and founder Sinead O’Donovan, in consultation with an obstetrician, SRC Health pregnancy support and recovery garments are some of the best rated in the world, used by thousands of women to prevent and manage pain during pregnancy and safer healing postpartum.

In today’s world, mothers have more opportunity than ever to not just look great but also prioritise self-care, thanks to SRC Health’s pregnancy support garments and a range of stylish maternity items that keep you looking and feeling great. Just ask the thousands of influencers, celebrities and women like us who rock their SRC garments with pride!

Unlike the days when women either went without or had no choice but to wear unflattering support garments or overly restrictive pregnancy belts and belly bands that could potentially exacerbate pregnancy pain, SRC's range of pregnancy and postpartum

recovery shorts and leggings are game changers when it comes to both style and function.

Offering fully opaque, high-quality products that have been shown to maintain their stretch and

recovery properties even after 100 washes and hence provide the wearer with long lasting garments, SRC medical grade compression shorts and leggings are designed to be showcased rather than concealed.

In this blog, you’ll discover how to style your SRC pregnancy shorts and leggings for a comfortable and stylish pregnancy. We have tapped into “crowd wisdom” of our Mama Style community to see how fashionable mamas, influencers and stylists creatively accessorised their SRC products, achieving both ultimate style credibility and comfortable support throughout pregnancy.

Maternity leggings or shorts paired with button up shirts

It’s the perfect balance of ease and elegance: pair your favourite SRC leggings or shorts with a cool button-up blouse. This outfit really is a masterclass in maternity chic, offering a comfortable fit without sacrificing an ounce of professionalism. With SRC's pregnancy leggings, your look is further elevated thanks to their supportive compression. Whether you’re going to brunch, work or just to get out of the house, you can dial this pregnancy legging or pregnancy shorts outfit up or down

Break the old rules with crop tops and high-waisted pregnancy leggings

When we started seeing crop tops on style accounts, we rejoiced. Pairing

a tasteful crop top with SRC's over the bump maternity shorts not only gives you freedom but it can also do wonders for helping you stay cool, especially during a summer pregnancy or when you want to head out to exercise but don’t want to miss out on the benefits of pregnancy support garments. The SRC maternity leggings work overtime, offering lower back and abdomen support while also flattering your figure while you wear them, also perfect to work out in too. SRC over the bump pregnancy leggings are our choice. They provide pelvic area support using gentle but constant compression, while simultaneously activating muscles and encouraging pelvic stability. The result? Reduced pelvic girdle pain and lower back pain, these being some of the most common pregnancy pains affecting almost half of all pregnant women. They are worth every cent. Look for cropped sweatshirts, tees or sports bras designed for maternity — we love Ripe and Soon Maternity, which you can find on The Mama Style.

The shapewear hack: SRC maternity leggings or pregnancy shorts instead of shapewear under your regular or maternity clothes

SRC's maternity shorts bring function as well as support to your favourite pieces, allowing them to be worn throughout your pregnancy. They're the perfect underlayer, providing gentle compression and support, while also protecting against chafing. SRC pregnancy products offer medical grade compression while keeping you feeling supported during your pregnancy without the risk of muscle deactivation that is pervasive with use of shapewear. They smooth out lumps and bumps while working hard. It's about stretching your wardrobe further, both in style and functionality, while looking after yourself during your pregnancy. In the same vein— no pun intended, since SRC products are designed to prevent and protect against varicose veins and vulvar varicosities in pregnancy — you can opt for leggings under long dresses or pants for a sleek, smooth silhouette that celebrates your curves.

Pair SRC pregnancy leggings with oversized tees, coats, and sweat tops: the ultimate in cosy chic

For those moments when comfort is non-negotiable, the classic leggings and oversized top combo is your go-to. It's a study in balance and proportion, with SRC's pregnancy leggings laying the foundation of support and comfort, while oversized layers add a modern, relaxed touch. Choose a stylish high quality oversized tee and woollen coat or a denim jacket for an instant put together look and pair with some tried and tested sneakers or even some heels for that special occasion.

In the dance between fashion and function, the secret lies in selecting pieces that not only accommodate your figure but also help you look after your pregnancy. Luckily thanks to SRC Health’s popular products, you don’t have to hide your support garments. Allow your personal style to shine through by combining your leggings or shorts with a range of crop tops, shirts, oversize tees and more to ensure that every outfit is a blend of comfort, support, and undeniable style. With these styling tips, you're more than ready to navigate your pregnancy while still retaining your style identity.

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